About Us

Gangsline is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 to provide help and support to young men and women involved in gang culture.  We work with individuals from the deprived parts of our communities and with deeply entrenched social, educational, spiritual and family issues.  Central to our ethos and success is a proactive, spiritual and non-enforcement led approach to gangs, and the gang violence embedded our local communities.

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There is a growing trend of child exploitation within UK gang culture. It ruins lives and disrupts families. It is a disease that preys on vulnerable and impressionable children, as young as 10 years old, who are being targeted and groomed by older gang members that coerce them into commiting serious crimnal acts that often end in gun and knife violence. This affects us ALL. If you would like to help Gangsline change your community and make a difference in young people's lives, please donate to the cause.


Sheldon Thomas is the Founder and Chief Executive of Gangsline. An inspirational and pioneering individual, Sheldon has an unprecedented insight into gangs through his own experience as a leading gang member in the 1970s. He now dedicates his life to engaging directly with gang leaders and members and using a ‘no holds barred’, yet spiritual, approach to changing young people’s lives.

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