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There is a growing trend of child exploitation within UK gang culture. It ruins lives and disrupts families. It is a disease that preys on vulnerable and impressionable children, as young as 10 years old, who are being targeted and groomed by older gang members that coerce them into commiting serious crimnal acts that often end in gun and knife violence. This affects us ALL. If you would like to help Gangsline change your community and make a difference in young people's lives, please donate to the cause.


Child exploitation within gangs is rapidly growing and is widespread in many cities throughout the UK such as Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, Bristol, Sheffield. Gang members target for grooming playgrounds, schools, local shops, youth centres and parks to lure children into the vices of drug dealing, theft and violence. These children have no idea of the risks they face and leaving this deeply entrenched culture always proves disasterous.


The extent to which gang culture pervades in other localities cannot be underestimated. This in itself poses very real and urgent threats to both businesses and residents alike; however it does not take into account the number and 'presence' of gangs in surrounding areas of some of these active gang communities, which can at any given time, have a detrimental impact on the streets of London and many other major cities in the uk. The approach and tactics used by these gangs differs from city to city , as do the levels and seriousness of the violence and crimes undertaken by them and the methods used to perpetrate this violence.


We firmly believe that it would be proactive to assume a more understanding and compassionate approach to the situation; only focussing on local gang activity and ignoring what is going on in the neighbouring communities will not resolve the issues or make the problems go away. By failing to address the wider issues, we are opening up our communities to increased levels of risk of violence, disorder and criminal behaviour. Understanding, and the ability to make an impact on, the detrimental effects to the social, economic and spiritual welfare of our communities must be pivotal in developing and implementing a successful 'strategy' to target gang culture.


Success cannot be achieved by any one person or organisation. Results can only be achieved by individuals, community organisations, faith groups and businesses working together, in partnership, to target, engage with and ultimately change the behaviour of (addressing the root causes), gang leaders and members. Similarly sustainable success and real achievable outcomes for those involved in gangs will only happen through a commitment to ensuring that sufficient resources are in place over an extended period of time.


Gangsline's knowledge and approach is unique because we target high risk gang members and those leaders who practice these activities within gangs, not only do we understand this element of gang culture but we offer help and advice to gang members and their families trapped in this lifestyle. This threat is very real and attracts children as young as 10 years old. This affects YOU, make a difference to a young person's life and support our cause. You can donate as little as 50p which will go towards our specialised outreach service responding to gun and knife victims, gang conflict and our 24hr confidential helpline services.


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