Our Services

We deliver a unique and carefully designed combination of services - using our dedicated outreach team and specialist mentors - which focus on conflict resolution and mediation.  We aim to eradicate the growing levels of disrespect among young people on the peripherals of gang life by intercepting gang members and negotiating and reasoning with them in their environment.  We seek to help them acknowledge the potential consequences of their actions and educate communities in gang culture. 




Our outreach team proactively targets and engages with gang members on the streets, estates, parks and in stairwells to dispel the myths and lies around gang culture, introduces them to local interventions which leads to education, employment and training.  


Mentoring Program

We deliver a 12-week mentoring programme to gang nominals which is delivered on a one-to-one and group basis, in a location agreed with the individual. The programme is for young adults, teenagers and children addresses grooming and initiation, gang conflict and female sexual exploitation, also establishes and promotes positive aspirations for their future and is strongly geared towards changing gang mentality.


Our mediation service responds to gang-related emergencies of gun and knife incidents and seeks to prevent reprisals or retaliation.


Web Resources

Our web resources offer access to workshops, training programmes, parenting tools (such as virtual mentors) and guidance via forums and blogs. Using a combination of these tools we aim to provide young people with the confidence to exit gang life.



We deliver gang awareness presentations to schools, parents, prisons and multi agency professionals which are aimed at educating participants on understanding the context of local gangs and how to deal with them. Read More...



We deliver interactive gang awareness workshops to schools, prisons, and youth centres, with the aim of prevention, intervention and detteranting away from gang culture. These sessions  involve worksheets and role-plays etc. Read More...