Our Services

We deliver a unique and carefully designed combination of services - using our dedicated outreach team and specialist mentors - which focus on conflict resolution and mediation.  We aim to eradicate the growing levels of disrespect among young people on the peripherals of gang life by intercepting gang members and negotiating and reasoning with them in their environment.  We seek to help them acknowledge the potential consequences of their actions and educate communities in gang culture. 


Download the Gangsline 2017 - 2018 Brochure



School Assembly

The school assembly is a one hour presentation primarily for students aged 9-18 years old (Year 5 to Sixth Form/College) designed to help raise awareness and build resilience against the negative influences of street gang culture and will address a number of topics. Assemblies for between 30 - 1000 teachers and students are also available.

Group Workshop

This is a 2 hour interactive session for up to 25 people, primarily young people aged 9-18 years old identified as being in a gang and for those on ther periphery of gang culture.

Multi-Agency Training

The Understanding Street Gangs training seminar aims to equip participants with a thorough appreciation of the factors that see young people become involved in serious youth violence and child and female sexual exploitation through gang membership and affiliation. Frontline workers, managers, carers, and volunteers – as well as students in areas such as Sociology, Criminology, Policing and Social Work – will increase their knowledge and understanding of the mind-sets of street gang members and/or perpetrators of serious youth violence.

One to One Mentoring

This one2one mentoring programme is delivered by ex-gang members and is tailored to each young person’s needs, using an individual development plan that acts as a guide for their exit strategy.

This service is available to any agency within a local authority.

Prison Group Workshop

This workshop is a 2 hour session for 15 - 25 inmates identified as being involved in gang culture, violence and activity.