One to One Mentoring

This one2one mentoring programme is delivered by ex-gang members and is tailored to each young person’s needs, using an individual development plan that acts as a guide for their exit strategy.

This service is available to any agency within a local authority.

We deliver a 12-week mentoring programme to those identified as having gang involvement, which is delivered on a one-to-one basis, in a location agreed with the individual. We first conduct an initial assessment which will help give an indication of whether further intervention will be needed and benefical. The programme is for children, teenagers and young adults, and addresses grooming and initiation into gangs, the risks and consequences of gang activity, the myths and misconceptions of gang culture, drug use and distribution, and child sexual exploitation. It also establishes and promotes positive aspirations for their future and is strongly geared towards changing their mentality.



  • Provides confidential opportunities for young people to speak openly to ex-gang members.
  • Learn how to control their anger and deal with gang conflict.
  • Be better equipped to leave gang life.
  • Understanding of the impact of their crimes on the victims.
  • Encouraged to change their lives and engage with services that offer education, training and employment.

Download the one to one mentoring brochure page