T.A.G was developed as a direct response to gang violence. The realisation that gang culture has become part of the inner city lifestyle in some of UK deprived communities, we soon realised that only way change would come, if the community especially gang members played a more central role.


Having visited Jamaica and experienced some of the most roofless gangs in some of the most dangerous parts of Kingston and piloting this new approach to dealing with gangs, we soon realised this was a unique initiative which if it were to be replicated here in the UK would need unique individuals, who not only lived this gangland lifestyle but who have made significant changes to there personal life. T.A.G & Gangsline is prepared to go against politics and church bureaucracy, to meet gang members in there communities on there stairwells, in there garages in order to meet there needs.

T.A.Gs unique position enables the team to offer real support and exit strategies through our helpline phone service "Gangsline" and our specialist outreach response team which goes out to the most deprived housing estates, enabling the team to identify hardened gang members and through this approach we are able to build and earn there trust giving us the time to build a strong foundation within these communities. T.A.G and Gangsline also have a referral process in place, which will allow referring agencies and family members to take up our unique one2one service.

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