School Assembly

The school assembly is a one hour presentation primarily for students aged 9-18 years old (Year 5 to Sixth Form/College) designed to help raise awareness and build resilience against the negative influences of street gang culture and will address a number of topics. Assemblies for between 30 - 1000 teachers and students are also available.

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 This hard-hitting presentation teaches the young people about local gangs, the make up of a gang member, female sexual exploitation, grooming and initiation into gangs and the dangers of drugs.

  • The dangers of street gangs and serious youth violence and how it affects them and their families.
  • Grooming - the ways in which gang members can attract young people using different mediums and language and how to recognise it.
  • Child and female sexual exploitation – the ways in which gang related manipulation of young people both boys and girls occurs for criminal purposes. For example carrying drugs, carrying weapons etc.
  • Myths surrounding gangs and street culture – explores the misconceptions about the glamour and appeal of gang life and highlights the starkly different reality.



 The presentation aims to:

  • To build resilience and raise awareness around the dangers of gang culture.
  • Provide a greater understanding of the myths surrounding gang culture.
  • Give a greater understanding of the nature of peer groups which are characterised by violence.
  • Illustrate the impact of gangs in their communities.
  • Offer opportunities for young people to confide in ex-gang members