Prison Group Workshop

This workshop is a 2 hour session for 15 - 25 inmates identified as being involved in gang culture, violence and activity.

prisonboy in prison

We offer this interactive workshop for inmates identified as being involved in gang related violence and covers a variety of topics including:

  • The truths about gangs
  • Self-Reflection
  • Your identity
  • Negative influences
  • Consequences
  • Breaking the pattern of re-offending



 The workshop aims to:

  • A greater understanding of the myths that surround gang culture.
  • Understanding the nature of relationships (peer groups) which are characterised by violence.
  • Understanding the impact of their crimes on the victims.
  • Learn why gang members stay in, or return to gang life.
  • Learn how to control their anger and deal with gang conflict.
  • Understand the nature of “culture” and cultural stereotyping with BME groups in gangs.
  • Better equipped to leave gang life.

Also includes discussion, worksheets and roleplay (with actors)