Group Workshop

This is a 2 hour interactive session for up to 25 people, primarily young people aged 9-18 years old identified as being in a gang and for those on ther periphery of gang culture.

 Each workshop lasts two hours in order to fully explore the issues in depth and will be delivered by one or two facilitators who are former gang members who now dedicate their lives to helping educate young people.

This hard-hitting workshop teaches the young people about:

  • Grooming and Initiation
  • Negative associations (Peer groups)
  • Local gangs
  • The make up of a gang member
  • Child and female sexual exploitation
  • Territory issues
  • The dangers of drugs and drug distribution
  • Building motivation and purpose in life.



 The workshop also aims to:

  • Offer opportunities for young people to confide in ex-gang members.
  • Give them the confidence to leave gang life.
  • Provide a greater understanding of the myths surrounding gang culture.
  • Give a greater understanding of the nature of peer groups which are characterised by manipulation and violence.
  • Illustrate the impact of gangs in their communities.
  • Promote education, training, employment,and enterprise.

 Also includes discussions, worksheets, and roleplay.